2.0 How to build better content? Test your work.

In the following pages, we will go into detail on how you can improve your web content for accessibility.

Each page will focus on a specific aspect of web content, such headings, images, and hyperlinks. The page will start with a description of how the screen reader, or other assistive technology, interprets and allows the user to interact with that element of the page. It will be followed by examples and tips for how you can make powerful contributions to making your content universally accessible.

Install a testing tool

Before we jump into the details of making your content better, let's install a simple accessibility testing tool for your content that can double check your work as it is created. Testing Tip: Test a preview version of your page and not the editing version of your page.

WAVE Accessibility Evaluation Tool

The WAVE accessibility toolkit was created specifically with web content creators in mind. It can help you test each of the issues in our guide. Install a browser extension or enter your site URL in the website version.

Additional testing tools

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